Slothcrew Design

Here at Slothcrew we believe that design shouldn't be only about looks but also should spark joy! We work really hard to ensure code quality and satisfaction with the final product. Every project is unique and tailored to the needs of our clients.
When you need your website to make a bold statement, you can trust us to send the message to your users. Don't let the world of website development scare you off from having a strong online presence. Let's work together to make beautiful things!

My work

Boldly innovative

My future kitty

React front-end to a scraper that finds sphynx cats for sale. UI code, backend scraper, and API code can all be found on my github

Slothcrew Store

Clothing and aparel store for all things sloth related. All t-shirt designs are my own.

Wright Brothers

A simple tribute site about the Wright Brothers made for Freecodecamp using Material design

Match the Sloth game

A game of match using javascript only. Find the code on my github!

Tic Tac Toe game

A game of tic tac toe using javascript only. As always the code is available on my github.

The Grumpster

A study on Javascript, htmlm, and css to replicate minimize, maximize, and close button behaviors.

Spooky Word Guess

Simple spooky word generator. Perfect for Halloween!

Puppeteer gif cast

A simple to use nodeJS script to generate animated gifs of websites scrolling.

About Me
Aimeri basking in the sun
DevOps engineer turned into front-end designer, I've never lost my passion for backend development, thinkering, solving puzzles, and making pretty things. One of my passions is the synergy between technology and art, and most of my personal projects lean that way, but I can never turn down a challenging problem that requires learning and effort.
On my free time I enjoy painting, gardening, petting animals, robotics, electronics, and most of all, making things with my hands.

Contact Me
If you would like to contact me for a project, please fill the form down below and I'll reach out to you at my earliest convenience.

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